Pocket Film - involving young people in film workshops (ENG)




Lommefilm (Pocket Film)


Target group:

Children and adolescents aged 10-18 years.


To teach children and young people how to use film and a creative process, to learn more about different subjects.


The practice started back in 2006 as a film underground project, experimenting with a brand new film genre – films shot on phones. Lommefilm started of by working together with film and music festivals, but soon saw a much greater potential in using the method to teach and communicate to young people.


Pocket Film (Lommefilm) is a Danish based organization that works together with clients like The Danish Cancer Society, Save The Children, the Danish foundation TrygFonden, municipalities and others to share important messages by involving young people in film workshops.

The film workshops take place at schools all over Denmark (more than 100 every year) and they are led by a highly qualified film professional from the organization. The subject of the workshops is always depending on the client. The children and students work with different subjects like health, innovation, digital bullying, illegal streaming, domestic violence, reading habits and nordic culture, as well as many other subjects.

At the end of each workshop the films produced during the workshop, are uploaded to www.lommefilm.dk for everyone to see. The material is always very visual and consists mostly of films – ex. speed drawing films, that in a fun and pedagogical way explains the sometimes difficult background for a project – and how to turn that subject into a film for the children and students who participate in the film workshops.


The children and students work on iPads or mobile phones when recording and editing. These are the only resources needed.


The feedback from young people state, that they feel they are being taken seriously, because Lommefilm wants their approach to the subject, they work with. Furthermore, a day of filming and working in groups are both fun and educational.


Lommefilm evaluates each workshop by sending questionnaires to teachers and students. The Danish Cancer Society has also evaluated the process looking at the benefits of the method in order to change the attitude and change behavior. The evaluations are not public, but are used to improve the workshops, the projects and the educational material.


Young people working with Lommefilm feel that they are being taken seriously, when asked about different subjects by our partners. They are more engaged in the subject because they are being involved and because we take the communication seriously.

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Lommefilm also communicates the projects by press releases and follow up calls to local, regional and national medias. See lommefilm.dk for more info.