YouTube barcamp (EN)



Nuremberg, Germany


Parabol Media Centre

Target group

Young people between the ages of 14 and 25 with an interest in YouTube


At the YouTube barcamp, participants are asked to be experts themselves. They actively contribute by sharing their knowledge, ideas and experiences with other young people. The focus is on supporting each other and learning from each other. This also applies to the use of technology, which becomes important during the phase of media production. The possibility of helping to shape the barcamp through their own sessions, workshops and discussion groups promotes the autonomy of young people. The barcamp offers them a space to put their own ideas into practice, to exchange ideas and to network with other people.


Since 2014, YouTube barcamp has taken place once a year at the Parabol Media Centre in Nuremberg. From the very beginning it has been supported and further developed by committed young people. As a result of a barcamp, young people founded the YouTube channel CiTyVee together. Many of the participants come to the barcamps regularly, so that an ever-growing network of young people who are interested in YouTube develops.


In addition to the typical barcamp sessions, which are also the main focus of the YouTube barcamp in Nuremberg, there are other activities that contribute to networking and exchange between the participants and create a lively atmosphere. This includes, for example, speed dating, in which the young people introduce each other by means of three hashtags in order to get to know each other. During interactive spontaneous inputs and subsequent content sessions, the young people can deal with various topics related to YouTube. Subsequently, they have the opportunity to produce media together in groups and to implement previously developed ideas.


The special thing about a barcamp is that it is designed by the participants themselves. For this reason, rooms are primarily needed in which the young people can hold their own sessions. A pinboard or a digital tool is useful, with which the participants can plan their sessions and register for them. For joint media production, appropriate filming technology is necessary. This could be, for example, the young people’s smartphones or other devices themselves.


There has been very positive feedback both from the participants and from external sources. Many young people regularly come to the YouTube barcamps in Nuremberg and take part in the further development of the format.


At all YouTube barcamps there is a final evaluation by the participants. In the past, video interviews with the participants’ feedback have also been recorded.


The concept opens up attractive opportunities for young people to exchange ideas on a specific topic with their peers and to network. Together they learn how to use digital media according to their ideas. Through their first own media productions, they are motivated to realize collaborative projects.

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